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Logic Controls LD9900 Pole Display

The Logic Control LD9900 Pole Display is a one-sided, OPOS compatible, twenty column / two line vacuum fluorescent display designed for most PC/POS applications. The display features extra large 9.5mm characters and green fluorescent character color.

The LD9900 is a 2x20 line 9.5mm character height display that comes with much functionality that simply is not found in other vendors’ pole displays. “Smart scrolling,” user-definable characters, and a built-in real-time clock are all standard features of the unit’s firmware. The LD9900 comes with a wide variety of interfaces, can emulate many popular command sets, and has better visibility due to an optically matched lens and wider character pitch. Best of all, this premium pole display is also one of the most affordable on the market.

The pole display has a USB or 9 pin direct serial connection and is available in white or black color.

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Logic Controls LD9900 Pole Display - Customer Pole Displays

Nurol Point of Sale offers an extensive line of customer pole displays. NuRol has serial and USB attach customer displays for your point of sale system. We provide pole displays from all major manufacturers such as NurolPOS, Logic Control, BemaTech, and Epson. So when you look for customer displays, NuRol is your source.
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