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Store Operations Reporting

With fast, accurate insight into your operations, you’ll be better equipped to keep pace with the competition and help maximize revenue opportunities. Know exactly what sold best in every department, category, and season. Decide what to buy or mark down. Track return on investment from your ads, mailings, promotions, sales, and discounts.

• Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats.
• Filter, hide, sort, and group data the way you want.
• Add your logo for formal reports.
• Drill down to modify the database directly from reports.
• View and print daily sales graphs and journals from any register.
• Preview, search, and print journals by register, batch, and/or receipt number.
• Print X, Z, and ZZ reports.
• Adjust report headers/columns on screen.
• Quickly drill down from summary reports to detailed reports.
• Memorize report settings.

Examples of Store Operation Reports Include:
  • Customer List
  • Summary Daily Sales
  • Register Daily Sales
  • Detailed Sales
  • Cashier Log
  • Top Sales Reps and Cashiers
  • Top Items
  • Item Price and Quantity Lists
  • Item Movement
  • Supplier List
  • Back Order Summary and Detailed Lists
  • Purchase Orders
  • Layaway Expiration
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Sales Rep and Cashier Daily Sales
  • Department and Category Daily Sales
  • Detailed Tax Collected
  • Register Analysis
  • Top Customers
  • Top Departments and Categories
  • Item Value List
  • Offline Inventory List
  • Alias and Substitute Lists
  • Quote Summary and Detailed Lists
  • Inventory Transfers In/Out
  • Account Activities
  • Supplier Daily Sales
  • Summary Daily Tax Collected
  • Commission
  • Department Sales/Cost
  • Top Suppliers
  • Regional Sales
  • Item Reorder List
  • Serial Number List
  • Work Order Summary and Detailed Lists
  • Vouchers Summary and Detailed Lists
  • Open Layaways

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